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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feline Insanity

Cats are strange creatures, which is part of why I love them so much. They're warm, furry, cute balls of randomness with teeth and claws. That just really appeals to me.

My cat Wish, however, is downright insane. He's apparently taken it into his head that a five by two inch rectangle of heavy paper (aka my bookmark) is the source of all evil in the universe.

I've been used to him fighting evil in his own unique way for years. For example as his former owner told me when he moved in: "Wish believes that verticality is the mark of the devil." As such, vertical soda cans, ketchup bottles, table decorations, basically anything that stood upright needed to be made perpendicular as soon as possible.

Also whenever I move a piece of furniture he feels the need to go and stand in for it's absence, which is inconvenient when I moved it because I intend to put something else in it's place and I am holding that something else at the moment which happens to be HEAVY.

At any rate I was so thoroughly puzzled by his bookmark obsession that I gave him the one in question to see what exactly it was that he wanted to do with it.

He ate it.

Not the whole thing. For awhile he just jumped up and down and pawed on it, which seeing as it's a flat object didn't do much. So he focused instead on prying an edge of it up off the floor, getting it in his teeth, and rip. Tore a piece off, chewed and swallowed.

Since as I've mentioned before that the bookmark (a whole set of them in fact) were a Christmas stocking stuffer from Ted, my husband was not well pleased when he found out I'd let the cat have his way with one of them. I explained that it was, "for science!"

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