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Friday, November 27, 2009

Important Tip: Don't Hurt Yourself

First of all the plan partially went out the window… I started out okay, breakfast wasn’t crazy. But I pretty much got to my brother’s house for Thanksgiving dinner and ate everything in sight.

I think I may have even eaten part of a centerpiece that wasn’t actually food.

Also I didn’t do my floor exercises this morning, but I had a really good excuse for once. I think I’ve hurt myself.

I hit the gym hard Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights to prep for the day of big eating. And Wednesday before bed, I noticed that my right foot felt hot. Weird, but I got in bed anyway and fell asleep. An hour later I woke to use the bathroom and realized I couldn’t feel that the bathroom floor tiles were cold with my right foot – in fact, that everything I touched with my entire right leg felt either weirdly warm or caused a painful prickling / burning sensation.

Major panic attack now in progress I woke Ted up to tell him I had MS (yeah, I do that – for those who don’t know me. I can’t get a headache without assuming fatal illness; so having an entire side of my body go numb wasn’t a good moment.)

Ted, ever patient in the throes of sleep deprivation, listened to me carefully and though not a doctor – pointed out that it sounded an awful lot like a pinched nerve to him. Probably brought on by my being psycho on the Elliptical machine three days running.

Pinched nerve? Surely not… oh, but wait – come to think of it my lower back does kind of… hurt… ow.

So, yeah… my lower back is kind of messed up now, and I can’t feel hot or cold sensations with my entire right leg all the way up to my midsection. I know from other people’s experience with nerve pinches that Doctors have a tendency to go – oh, yeah… that has to heal on it’s own… so I guess I’ll wait it out and hope the freaky feeling goes away soon.

It didn’t ruin my entire Thanksgiving though it was a huge distraction all day.

The question is… I’m supposed to go to the gym tomorrow for full cardio and weight lifting. I don’t want to get off my schedule, especially with the day I had today. But what if I hurt myself even worse?

Maybe I’ll wake up totally fine come morning. Yeah, I think I’ll hope for that one.

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  1. It's good to take a day off between hard workouts at least on a particular muscle group (switch to a different muscle group exercise that doesn't work the back over much). Your muscles do need to heal in between workouts.1 day is good but 3 backslides. If you do damage, working hard will not help it go away esp with nerves. Swelling, like around nerves, goes down with nsaids like ibuprofen but if after a bit of R&R it doesn't get better after a while then you should think about getting to the Dr. Just my opinion.