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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Plan

Thanksgiving comes – one of the top three difficult food Holidays in the year (the other two being Halloween and Christmas Eve / Day).

So here is the plan…

1) Set a realistic goal. I think a realistic goal for Thanksgiving week is to maintain my weight without any gains on the scale, not to loose. Although a loss would be fantastic, I admit.
2) More exercise than average. My average number of exercise days in a given week right now is four times per week. I’m upping that to daily. Thanksgiving day my gym is closed – so I’m doing a half hour floor work routine at home that morning, then its right back to the weights on Black Friday.
3) Don’t be dumb about when I weigh in. My usual weigh day is Friday – that would be really silly this week since it’s the day after Thanksgiving. So weigh in is tonight on Wednesday, and then the next time won’t come for a week and two days later on Friday again – giving my body time to process and recover from Thanksgiving Day.
4) Take the day off. Not a dinner off, but the whole day. On Thanksgiving Day; I am not weighing, measuring, calculating or otherwise obsessing over what I eat. I plan to get up and eat a slice of quiche (and maybe a bit of cinnamon roll), then I have a lot of cooking to do that should keep me busy until dinner. Thanksgiving dinner (and dessert) will be enjoyed, but at no point am I to feel overstuffed, bloated or in pain. I will not go nuts – I’m just not worrying about it for that one day. We’re going to my brother’s house, which means a lot of opportunities to wander about outdoors if the weather holds; they will be taken advantage of.

So that’s the plan. If it goes catastrophic it will be re-evaluated before Christmas Day comes. That one is doubly challenging since in my family it’s not only the Day that’s the hazard but Christmas Eve as well.

Still, I’m feeling calm and confident. Right now anyway…

Into the abyss!

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