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Thursday, November 19, 2009


I don’t like yogurt.

As a lifelong weight loss attempter this has always been sort of a problem. Can someone tell me why yogurt is the classic food of dieters?

It’s not particularly low calorie for the volume you get, and the light varieties taste like what I would imagine congealed Pledge might taste like; assuming you could eat Pledge and not die. I mean yes – it has calcium. But hello – the best way to put calcium in your diet is to eat dark green leafy vegetation; not yogurt.

Yogurt, cheese and milk all contain calcium – but green leafies kick their butts. Both milk and cheese give you a small quantity of calcium with a HUGE volume of fat comparatively. I’m sorry to say this because I absolutely love the stuff – but milk is baby food. Specifically it’s cow-baby-food. That’s why it’s full of fat for a growing infant. Adult animals of any type have no dietary use for it whatsoever. Yogurt has less fat than it’s better tasting cousins but still way more than a head of kale (kale wins at a zero fat content every time).

So what the heck is up with yogurt exactly? Why is it seen in the hands of dieters and on the menu’s of weight loss eating programs everywhere?

I think it’s all a huge marketing ploy by the Dannon company.

That said I’ve found exactly one kind that I like thanks to a co-worker; Yoplait Whips. These things don’t taste like yogurt, they taste like dessert – very intentionally. And they come in flavors like chocolate raspberry too. However make no mistake; I eat them as a dessert treat because they’re a lot cheaper calorie wise than a half cup of ice cream, not for any health benefit – because they don’t really have any. You only get 4 oz. for your 160 calories worth. They manage to pack 5 grams of protein and 230 mg. of potassium in there which is good; but mostly it’s just whipped sugar.

The consistency is a little funky; very light yet curd-like at the same time. I like it, but it’s not for everyone.

Anyway that’s my note for the day – down with milk products, up with dark green vegetables, and yuck to yogurt. Why waste any calories on something that tastes crappy just because all the other dieters are eating it?

Hopefully I won’t get taken out presently by a sniper from Rosenberger’s Dairy…

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  1. oh my goodness, you must go out right away and buy Fage greek yogurt. It's a little on the expensive side - $1.80 per container - but the 0% is only 90 calories for 6 oz., and is thick and rich enough that your spoon will stand up in it. If you like creamy things - sour cream, ice cream, etc. you will love this. I don't like "normal" lowfat yogurt either - I find it way too sour, and the odd things they have to put it in to make the lowfat versions even remotely edible are a little scary - but greek yogurt, and Fage brand specifically - were a revelation. I use it as a replacement for mayo too, not just in sweet concoctions.